Gary Kret
Painting and Drawing Coming Soon


Exploring the frustrating, disappointing, and sometimes tumultuous aspects of the human condition has been a consistent theme in my work. Now more than ever, it’s essential that we take the time to consider these aspects and be more thoughtful and reflective in our lives. While creating a work of art can be a solitary and highly introspective undertaking, publicly exhibiting that work invites an audience to participate in that introspection and look deeper within their own lives. The most recent series of sculptures are made of white marble and cast bronze incorporating traditional materials and techniques to intensify the portrayal of a shared experience of feeling powerless. We all have a desire to be accepted and to be a part of something larger than ourselves—only too often falling short and enduring denial, accepting that denial, and ultimately, reaching isolation.

The bronze components depict a feeling of frustration and shame, exclusion, rejection, and supplication. They characterize our trial of being held back and deterred, of only getting so far. The marble elements become barriers. They illustrate the force of authority and domination of institutional judgment and events beyond our control.